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What Playback Controls Work For Turntables?

Your ability to play back music with a turntable is essential to note. Whether you are playing with vinyl records or you’re looking to make your next DJ experience more functional, you need to see the playback controls that you’ve got out of your turntable. All turntables are different, so be sure you put these points in this small report in consideration when finding something of value for your use.

Note: While these are all useful playback options, you need to ensure that the vinyl records you use for playback purposes are handled right. Some records might experience intense fatigue depending on how you control them. Don’t forget to ensure that the needle on your turntable is inspected and cleaned well so your records will not be at risk of possible damage.

Speed Is Critical

You have to look at how fast you can get your turntable to work. You can find turntables that work at many speeds. While the 33, 45, and 78 rpm speeds are useful standards for when you’re going to play back records, as usual, you will need to look at something that might offer more controls. You might find some turntables that can produce slower or faster speeds to create more dramatic effects in your work.

The ability of the turntable to safely move from one-speed setting to the next is another factor to review. Check on how well your turntable can work based on the speed setting you wish to utilize. You need something that works at a speed that you are comfortable with and can control without risking you losing your ability to handle the setup right.

Reverse Features

A reverse function may work on many turntables. The design gets the rotor inside the unit to go backward. You can use this if you want to move the record back or if you want to create a fun sound effect in your work. The timing between going from forward to reverse may vary by model. Also, the fatigue that your vinyl record develops might be too intense depending on what you’re using.

Look For a Pitch Lock

A pitch lock is one playback feature that lets you change from standard speed to something a little more useful for your entertaining desires. You can use the pitch lock feature to adjust how the speed works, although this may be best if the audio that comes off of a record is consistent in its beat. You can also use the lock if you want to produce the desired effect off of the records you are playing through the turntable.

Can You Use a Preset?

You may also get a playback control that will automatically identify how well the preset works. The playback setup may entail the turntable adjusting itself automatically based on how fast the music is going. You can use this feature if you have records that come with different bpm totals and you want to keep the bpm going at the same rate.

The preset may work if your turntable links to a computer with an appropriate program. You can use the computer program to adjust the rate that the preset will work with. You might need to test this out a few times before you try it out at your next event. The control setup can create a fun sound if you use it right.

A Final Word

You will enjoy using the turntables that you find for your entertaining needs. But you must always see how well they can play back music. The playback controls that you’ll get out of these turntables can directly influence how well you can enjoy the work you are producing. Check around to see what particular turntable models are available so you can find models that are useful for your playback desires. You’ll find there are many models worth using in many cases.

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